Richard Branson

Buys Necker Island


Branson buys Necker Island to impress his future wife, Joan Templeman. The original asking price is $5 million but he makes a much lower offer and is initially evicted from the island. He later purchases Necker for close to the original amount, and spends $10 million to develop it into a tropical resort with flamingoes and giant turtles. Branson:

I was 27 years old and chasing Joan [Templeton] so I pretended I wanted to buy an island. The estate agent laid on a house and helicopter for me so we came down for the weekend, saw this beautiful island from the air and put in a ridiculously low offer for it. About a year later they rang me up and said nobody else had come to see the island, and if I upped the offer to $180,000 we could have it. So we bought it on that basis, but then of course it was going to cost millions to actually develop.

Richard Branson's story of Necker Island

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