Richard Branson

Necker reopens

17 Nov, 2013

richard-branson-necker-reopensGreat-House-MasterBedroomTerrace-78-300x200Branson reopens Necker to the public, at $60,000 a day for a maximum of 30 guests. The Great House is rebuilt with eight double rooms with balconies and a Master suite with three terraces. Bali Hai, Bali Cliff and Bali Beach are located on a promontory away from the main house and share a plunge pool. Bali Lo, Bali Buah, and Bali Kukila, in the middle of the island, have a private pool. In September and October, individual rooms are rented, with a seven-night minimum. Great House double rooms are $27,475, the Bali Houses cost $29,750, and the Master Suite is $45,000. The island features lemurs and tortoises. Rates include boat transfers meals, drinks, tennis and water sports, and a calypso band for an evening.

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