Richard Branson

Discusses dyslexia

20 Aug, 2012

Branson discusses how dyslexia affected his education and career with Entrepreneur:

I left school when I was 16 years old partly because of my dyslexia. I couldn’t always follow what was going on, so I didn’t find the lessons interesting and became distracted. My teachers thought I was just lazy because back then; people didn’t understand as much about dyslexia as they do today.

Virgin’s simple ad campaigns started due to the condition:

I still check our ad campaigns today, so we have continued to use ordinary language instead of industry jargon. Our bank, Virgin Money, doesn’t talk about ‘financial services’ or ‘leading industry intelligence;’ rather, we talk about building a better bank for everyone

It taught him delegation:

I had learned the art of delegation by my teens. This isn’t a skill that comes easily to some, but when you’re dyslexic, you have to trust others to do tasks on your behalf. In some cases that can involve reading and writing, and so you learn to let go. As an entrepreneur, I learned that surrounding myself with people who were better than me at specific tasks put me at an advantage because I was free to focus on the things I was good at.

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