Rick Snyder

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17 Jan, 2016

Declares State of Emergency

Makes Statement

Obama declares an official State of Emergency in the Flint Water Crisis. The move, requested by Gov. Snyder, frees up $5M in federal aid funding. Snyder’s initial request sought $31M, but this was denied on the grounds that the mandates allowing funds on that scale to be released are only available for natural disasters. Obama’s declaration will also free up FEMA to co-ordinate relief efforts in Flint.

15 Jan, 2016

Seeks emergency declaration

Makes Statement

Gov. Snyder asks the federal government for declarations of an emergency and a major disaster in the Flint water crisis. The declarations, if granted, would help get federal aid to individuals and public agencies providing people with clean drinking water in the stricken city. Snyder has apologized for the state’s slow handling of the water crisis. Blood lead levels of some children in Flint was found to have doubled in 2015. While the city’s water supply was switched back to Lake Huron in October, lead levels in the tap water remain above levels considered acceptable in many homes.

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