Robert Downey Jr.Film Appearance

Natural Born Killers

26 Aug, 1994

Downey stars in this crime film written and directed by Oliver Stone. He plays a ratings-hungry tabloid journalist named Wayne Gale, who features mass murdering couple Mickey and Mallory on his TV show. As a result, the viewing public sees the criminals as cult heroes. The film also stars Woody Harrelson ad Juliette Lewis as the killers and Tom Sizemore as the detective that pursues them. On adopting an Australian accent for this role:

I just think that the Australian phenomenon reminds me more of American as with the British invasion from the ’60s. But when I was thinking about Kirk Lazarus I was thinking about Colin Farrell, about Daniel Day Lewis and about Russell Crowe and whoever was the most effective tool for whatever my thing was, I would use.

Natural Born Killers (1994) HQ trailer

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