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Robert Scoble is an American blogger, technical evangelist, and author born in 1965. He is known for his technology evangelism and blogging work with Microsoft and Rackspace. He is married to Maryam Ghaemmaghami Scoble. He has three children; one from a previous marriage and two with Maryam.

11 Jul, 2014

CXOTalk interview


Scoble talks on the Google+ hangout about how smartphones have created his concept of the age of context, where wearables, sensors, social apps, data and the ‘Internet of things’ are converging to create what he says is a new kind of operating system. He talks about his job interviewing startup founders about the future of tech, and talking with people like Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and Mark Benioff of Salesforce rather than enterprise tech companies:

Those are typically the people who are pushing the future. You don’t really hear about something crazy starting at enterprises.

CXOTalk featuring Robert Scoble

28 Aug, 2013

The Singularity interview


Scoble talks about surveillance, privacy, and security, his book The Age of Context, and his take on the concept of the technological singularity, a convergence event in technology:

The future is sacrosanct. We should serve the future

Robert Scoble on Singularity 1 on 1: Stop Resisting the Future!

4 Aug, 2013

Rackspace interview


Scoble is interviewed for Rackspace, where he is startup liaison officer and blogs about and interviews startups, about what a startup does:

I look at the world from a user’s perspective

Rackspace on Startups- Robert Scoble

14 Jul, 2013

Substance interview


Scoble talks about innovations like Google Glass and what he calls the age of context, where online publishers can push out news and wait for experts commenting on blogs, officials, and other knowledgeable people to correct it if there are mistakes, or amplify the story.

By commenting they’re adding on to the story. They’re either correcting stuff that you got wrong or adding on to the understanding or sharing facts. That’s what I like about the real-time open Internet … The story could evolve and does have some incorrect stuff in the early hours. It did on the pro stuff too like CNN. You saw stuff that turned out not to be true for a whole lot of reasons because witnesses aren’t very accurate with their language.

Substance: The Age of Context with Robert Scoble, Startup Liason Officer of Rackspace

26 Apr, 2013

The Next Web interview


Scoble talks about the debut of Google Glass in Europe and compares the wearable technology to buying an early Apple 2 computer:

We all knew [the Apple 2] was going to change the world and that’s how I feel about this…I’m never going to live another day in my life without a wearable computer on my face.

TNW interviews Robert Scoble at The Next Web Conference Europe 2013 | The Next Web

13 Jan, 2013

TechCrunch interview


Scoble talks with Andrew Keen of TechCrunch about upcoming tech trends in 2014:

I think it’s going to be a war of wearables – do we buy an Apple Watch or Google Glass?

He says two other trends are going to be whether pay TV and ultra HD can compete with streaming, and whether Apple going to ‘take over the entire world’.

Robert Scoble Discusses Tech Trends In 2014 | Keen On

12 Aug, 2012

Chase Jarvis interview


Scoble and Jarvis talk about gear and tech including cameras, wearable image sensors, realtime creative collaboration, cloud solutions, and other new tech that can be used for creative purposes. He also talks about how he got into tech, including asking Steve Wozniak for $40,000 for the San Jose State journalism program, which he says Wozniak gave the program. Scoble:

In junior high I got a tour of the Apple building when it was one building…which gives you a sense of how nuts the world can get. I fell in love with computers..ever since then I’ve been at the change of old to new

Robert Scoble | Chase Jarvis LIVE | ChaseJarvis

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