Robin WilliamsFilm Appearance

License to Wed

10 Aug, 2007

In this comedy, directed by Ken Kwapis, Williams plays Reverend Frank. The Reverend won’t wed Sadie and Ben until they agree to attend his two-week prenuptial course. Now, as their wedding is near, they must attend every one of Reverend Frank’s exhausting classes and complete a series of rigorous homework assignments designed specifically to test their dedication to one another and ensure that their union will have a sound foundation. Co-starring Mandy Moore and John Krasinski.

Just going back to the old days when I was into going to church and remembering that there were--as a Protestant, which is Catholic light--once again the idea of somebody who could really advise and has something to offer. That’s why I think for that it was just remembering those guys that I kind of grew up with in the Episcopal church, which is “There is no purgatory, just spiritual escrow.”

License to Wed - Official Trailer - Robin Williams, John Krasinski & Mandy Moore Movie

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