Roger WatersInterview

UN is an ‘entirely corrupt body’

29 Sep, 2015

In an interview with Russia Today, Waters talks about the release of Roger Waters: The Wall, the media, and the UN.

It is an entirely corrupt body with wonderful intentions and often with very good men at the head of the general assembly – and rather inferior men pulling the strings behind the Security Council…There can be things that are fundamentally important politically – particularly in the Middle East where everyone is fighting everyone else as hard as they can all of the time – which can never actually get the support that they deserve, or a lot of the things can’t … unless the United States decides that they can.

He also criticizes the media.

[The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are] a mouthpiece for the government. The people, you Americans, would have to wake up to the fact that these newspapers and the rest of the media are not giving you the news.

Roger Waters on “The Wall”, Authority, and the mainstream media

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