Rosamund PikeFilm Appearance


20 Apr, 2007

Pike plays Nikki Gardner in the Gregory Hoblit-directed crime thriller. Gardner begins a relationship with a future employee at her law firm, but he is dragged back into his career as a district attorney after a failed attempt to try a man for murder. Co-starring Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling, and David Strathairn.

It was the film rather than the part in this case. I said after Pride and Prejudice that I’d like to do a thriller because it was the kind of thing that I haven’t done and then this came along. I’d seen Primal Fear, which was Gregory Hoblit’s most famous film, and I was so disconcerted by that film that I thought, ‘My goodness, this is something that he’s going to do really really well.’ Aand I just wanted to be part of it.

Fracture - Official® Trailer [HD]

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