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Giuliana Rancic interview

12 Sep, 2011

Seacrest interviews Rancic during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about how drama between her and LeAnn Rimes started.

What was happening was, I wasn’t actually on Fashion Police. They’ve got the story wrong. For Huffington Post, I was doing an interview over there, we were talking about the new restaurant, and he said, ‘What celebrity would you like to feed who you think is really skinny right now? So the first person that came to mind, because of that bikini shot of her a couple of weeks ago had just come out, I said, ‘LeAnn Rimes.’ I said, ‘I know she’s lost a lot of weight, but I like her when she’s curvier because I interviewed LeAnn Rimes when she was on a Shape Magazine cover just come out and I thought she looked amazing.’ So that’s all I said. It was pretty harmless. I wasn’t saying she’s like ugly-skinny or you know, needs to gain weight. It was just like I like her curvier.

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