Sam RockwellFilm Appearance


22 May, 2015

Rockwell plays Eric Bowen, a father who has just been fired from his job, in this horror remake directed by Gil Kenan based on the book by James Kahn. When the family move into a new house, they find out that the house hides a deep secret, and they must come together to rescue their youngest daughter when apparitions take her captive. Co-starring Rosemarie Dewitt, Jared Harris, Saxon Sharbino.

I’ve seen a little in looping. I hope it’s good. I really don’t know. I really wish I could tell you. I’m praying that it’s – I mean, it’s gonna be hard to live up to the first one. The first one’s pretty damn good. This one’s gonna be in 3D though, I can tell you that.

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