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7 Sep, 2010

Kaleidoscope Heart


220px-SarabareilleskaleidoscopeheartcoverBareilles releases her album Kaleidoscope Heart. The record features 13 tracks including her singles King of Anything and Uncharted and was produced by Neal Avron.

This time I took more risks. And I am a much more confident person now than I was when I went in to record the first record. I’m older than I was, obviously, and I just have so many more experiences under my belt. I wasn’t so scared this time around and I think that the music reflects that. I tried to write songs that I still was excited about the message but they felt a little more uplifting. I feel like the record reflects that in a way and it’s very autobiographical. It’s totally what I’ve been going through, being worried about change and what I’ve gone through in relationships and just as a human being.

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