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4 Sep, 2014

Rose Dorothy is born


Johansson and fiancé Dauriac welcome their first child—Rose Dorothy—into the world. The baby’s middle name is an homage to Johansson’s grandmother, whom she called the first Francophone in my family. Publicist Marcel Pariseau:

Mother and daughter are doing well.

22 Nov, 1984

Scarlett Johansson born in New York City


31b65c304b039039f480c894ae72d289Scarlett Johansson is born in New York City to architect Karsten Johansson and producer Melanie Sloan. She has an elder brother, an elder sister and a twin brother. She attends PS 41 Greenwich Village School in New York.

My family grew up relying on public assistance to help provide meals for our family.

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