Scott WalkerInterview

‘Next president must shrink government’

25 May, 2015

Walker says that the next president must shrink federal government for it to succeed in an interview to the Breitbart News.

Right now, at the federal level, we have a federal government that’s too big to fail. We need a government that’s small enough to succeed. One of the most important ways we can do that is by taking chunks of it and sending it back to the states.

He also says that he is moving closer to making a decision on running for president and would disclose it by July.

My state budget is done at the end of June, and so obviously my number one responsibility over that period is to complete a state budget—and so I’ve said in state and publicly that I won’t make any declaration about my intentions until after that…It will be shortly thereafter, not too far after the first of July.

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