Nicki Minaj born in Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago

Nicki Minaj is born as Onika Tanya Maraj in Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago to Robert Maraj and Carol Maraj. Her father works as a financial executive while her mother is an accounting clerk. She has two brothers and a sister. She attends the Clarence Witherspoon School in Queens. I don’t think I had lot […]

Paul Newman dies age 83

Newman dies from cancer age 83 at his home in Westport, Connecticut. Family statement: His death was as private and discreet as the way he had lived his life.

Britney Spears born in McComb, Mississippi

Britney Spears is born in McComb, Mississippi to school teacher Lynne Irene Bridges and building contractor James Parnell Spears. She has an elder brother and a younger sister. She attends Parklane Academy in McComb. Her uncle: At first, Britney was a scared child and you’d catch her crying but she reached the stage when she […]

Marlon Brando dies age 80

Brando dies from lung failure, age 80, at UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles. Once asked if he was afraid of death, Brando quoted Marc Antony, whom he played in a film of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: Of all the wonders that I yet have heard, it seems to me most strange that men should fear; seeing that death, […]

Gregory Peck dies age 87

Peck dies age 87 while asleep at his home in Los Angeles. The cause of his death is pneumonia. Family spokesperson: He had just been getting older and more fragile. He wasn’t really ill. He just sort of ran his course and died of old age.

Nicole Kidman born in Honolulu, Hawaii

Nicole Kidman is born in Honolulu, Hawaii to nursing instructor Janelle Ann and biochemist, clinical psychologist David Kidman. Her parents are of Australian descent. She has a younger sister named Antonia. She attends Lane Cove Public School in Sydney. I remember Halloweening when I was about three, with my parents when we lived in Washington, […]

Matthew McConaughey born in Uvalde, Texas

Matthew McConaughey is born in Uvalde, Texas to Mary Kathleen and James Donald McConaughey. His father runs an oil pipe supply businesses while his mother is a published author. He has two elder brothers. He attends Longview High School. I had a very fortunate upbringing. I had mom and dad that spent a lot of […]

Jessica Alba born in Pomona, California

Jessica Alba is born in Pomona, California to Catherine and Mark David Alba. Her father works in the Air Force while his mother is a housewife. She has a younger brother named Joshua. She attends Claremont High School. I was a very sick kid

Christina Ricci born in Santa Monica, California

Christina Ricci is born in Santa Monica, California to real estate agent Sarah and lawyer Ralph Ricci. She is youngest of her parent’s four children. She attends Edgemont Elementary School. I managed to be the black sheep of the family. I have an unconventional background but what’s average these days? We’re all interesting in our […]

Scarlett Johansson born in New York City

Scarlett Johansson is born in New York City to architect Karsten Johansson and producer Melanie Sloan. She has an elder brother, an elder sister and a twin brother. She attends PS 41 Greenwich Village School in New York. My family grew up relying on public assistance to help provide meals for our family.

Milla Jovovich born in Kiev, Ukraine

Millia Jovovich is born in Kiev, Ukraine to pediatrician Bogić Jovovich and stage actress Galina Jovovich. She has an younger half-brother. She attends Excelsior High School in Los Angeles. I was called a commie and a Russian spy. I was never, ever, ever accepted into the crowd.

Natasha Richardson dies age 45

Richardson dies age 45 at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York City due to injuries sustained in a skiing accident. Family statement: The entire family are shocked and devastated by the tragic death of our beloved Natasha. We are profoundly grateful for the support, love and prayers of everyone, and ask for privacy during this very difficult […]

Anna Nicole Smith dies age 39

Smith dies age 39 at Memorial Regional Hospital, South Florida. The cause of her death is accidental overdose of prescription drugs. Smith’s sister: We are saddened and heartbroken by my sister’s death. No matter what our differences have been over the years, Anna was still our blood and she will be missed terribly.

Emma Stone born in Scottsdale, Arizona

Emily Jean “Emma” Stone is born in Scottsdale, Arizona to Krista Jean and Jeffrey Charles Stone. Her father is the founder and CEO of a general-contracting company while her mother is a housewife. She has an younger brother named Spencer. She attends Sequoya Elementary School in Scottsdale. We did live on the 16th hole of […]

Keira Knightley born in Teddington, London

Keira Christina Knightley is born in Teddington, London to playwright Sharman Macdonald and actor Will Knightley. She has an elder brother named Caleb. She attends Stanley Junior School in Teddington. We managed to go on holidays, but there were periods when my parents were out of work and wouldn’t know if they could keep the […]

Sheryl Sandberg born in Washington, D.C.

Sheryl Sandberg is born in Washington, D.C. to Adele and Joel Sandberg. Her father works as an ophthalmologist while her mother is a college teacher. She has a younger sister and a younger brother. She attends North Miami Beach High School. Looking back on my childhood, I thought of myself as a little bossy.

Kelly Clarkson born in Fort Worth, Texas

Kelly Brianne Clarkson is born in Fort Worth, Texas to English teacher Jeanne Ann and engineer Stephen Michael Clarkson. She has an elder brother and an elder sister. She attends Pauline Hughes Middle School in Burleson, Texas. I grew up pretty much the hard way and went through a couple of divorces within my family.

Lindsay Lohan born in New York City

Lindsay Morgan Lohan is born in New York City to singer Dina Lohan and Wall Street trader Michael Lohan. She has two younger brothers and a younger sister. She attends Cold Spring Harbor High School. A lot of stuff went on with my family when I was young and I grew up in a very […]

Kathy Griffin born in Oak Park, Illinois

Kathleen Mary “Kathy” Griffin is born in Oak Park, Illinois to Mary Margaret “Maggie” Griffin and John Patrick Griffin. Her father is an army veteran while her mother works as an cashier. She has three elder brothers and an elder sister. She goes to St. Bernadine’s Elementary School. I grew up in that Catholic family […]

Michael Clarke Duncan dies age 54

Duncan dies age 54 at Cedars-Sinai medical centre in Los Angeles. The cause of his death is complications arising out of heart attack. His fiancé’s spokesperson: She is grateful for all of your prayers and asks for privacy at this time. Celebrations of his life, both private and public, will be announced at a later date.

Brittany Murphy born in Atlanta, Georgia

Brittany Murphy is born in Atlanta, Georgia to Sharon Kathleen Murphy and Angelo Joseph Bertolotti. She is raised by her single mother in Edison, New Jersey. She has two older half-brothers and a younger half-sister. She attends Verne Fowler School of Dance and Theatre Arts in Colonia, New Jersey. Her mother: I raised Brittany alone. […]

Whitney Houston born in Newark, New Jersey

Whitney Elizabeth Houston is born in Newark, NJ to entertainment executive John Russell Houston, Jr. and singer Emily “Cissy” Houston. She has a elder brother named Michael and an elder half-brother named Gary. She attends Franklin Elementary School in East Orange, NJ. In our back yard we had this massive pool, and I would go to […]

Ben Stiller born in New York City

Benjamin Edward Meara “Ben” Stiller is born in New York City to comedian Jerry Stiller and actress Anne Meara. He has an elder sister named Amy. He attends The Cathedral School of St. John the Divine. In some ways, it was a show-business upbringing—a lot of traveling, a lot of late nights—not what you’d call […]

Chris Martin born in Exeter, Devon, England

Chris Martin is born in Exeter, Devon, England to accountant Anthony Martin and music teacher Alison Martin. He is eldest of five siblings. He attends pre-preparatory Hylton School. I was a naughty boy. Its always fascinated me that idea of finishing your life and then being analyzed on it.

Mark Knopfler born in Glasgow, Scotland

Mark Knopfler is born in Glasgow, Scotland to Louisa Maryand and Erwin Knopfler. His father is an architect while his mother works as a teacher. He has a younger brother named David. He attends Bearsden Primary school. I can recall being strapped by my Headmaster at my Primary School for playing the drum part to […]

Leslie Nielsen dies age 84

Nielsen dies age 84 at a hospital near his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Cause of his death is complications arising out of pneumonia. Family statement: With his friends and his wife by his side, he just fell asleep and passed away.

Frank Sinatra dies age 82

Sinatra dies age 82 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, after suffering a severe heart attack. His family is present with him at the time of his death.

Rowan Atkinson born in Consett, England

Rowan Sebastian Atkinson is born in Consett, England to farmer and company director Erick Atkinson and Ella May. He is youngest of four brothers. He attends Durham Choristers School. The school headmaster, Canon John Grove: He is shy with a slight stutter and a slightly rubbery face.

George Harrison born in Liverpool, England

George Harrison is born in Liverpool, England to Harold Hargreaves Harrison and Louise Harrison. His father works as a bus conductor while his mother is a shop assistant. He has an elder sister and two elder brothers. He goes to Dovedale Primary School. My earliest recollection is of sitting on a pot at the top […]

George Harrison dies age 58

Harrison dies age 58 from cancer, at a friend’s home in Los Angeles, with his wife, Olivia, and son, Dhani, by his side. were with him. Family statement: He left this world as he lived in it, conscious of God, fearless of death, and at peace, surrounded by family and friends. He often said, `Everything else can wait […]

Stephen Fry born in Hampstead, London

Stephen John Fry is born in Hampstead, London to Physicist Alan John Fry and Historian Marianne Eve Fry. He has an elder brother named Roger and a younger sister named Joanna. He attends Cawston Primary School in Cawston, Norfolk. I came from what on the surface would have looked like a very typical English family […]

Hugh Laurie born in Oxford, England

James Hugh Calum Laurie is born in Oxford, England, to William G. R. M. Laurie and Patricia Laurie. His father is an Olympic gold winner who works as a doctor while his mother is a housewife. He has an older brother and two older sisters. At times, I got the feeling that my mother just didn’t […]

Signs anti-tax pledge

Rubio signs Americans for Tax Reform’s (ATR) anti-tax pledge to oppose any tax increase if elected president. ATR’s president: By signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to the American people, Senator Rubio continues to protect American taxpayers against higher taxes.

May cede Florida primary

Walker says he may not compete in Florida’s March 15 primary to gain an financial advantage. If we chose to get in, I don’t think there’s a state out there we wouldn’t play in…I mean, other than maybe Florida, where Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are at least in some of the polls essentially tied….They’re […]

This Week interview

Walker talks about the possibility of putting U.S. boots on the ground to fight ISIS in Syria in an interview to ABC’s This Week. We have to be – go beyond just aggressive air strikes. We have to look at other surgical methods. And ultimately, we have to be prepared to put boots on the […]

Defends amendments to Iran legislation

Rubio defends the two amendments that he wants to be added to proposed legislation on Iran nuclear deal. I by no means endorse the plan outlined in the fact sheet, but the fact that they are saying it is a poison pill to require the president to sign a deal that reflects what he says […]

Defends NSA’s snooping program

Rubio writes an article in USA Today defending NSA’s phone-snooping program. He claims that there has not been a not a single documented case of abuse of NSA’s program. The government is not listening to your phone calls or recording them unless you are a terrorist or talking to a terrorist outside the United States…There […]