Scott WalkerRuns for Office

Reelection campaign

29 Oct, 1996

Running for reelection for State Assembly, Walker campaigns on a tough anti-crime and anti-tax message.

Crime is clearly still the most important issue in this district. I’ve been pleased to be able to deliver on that.

He also worked on property tax relief which resulted in spending restraints on education. Although the Wauwatosa school district increased its spending nearly 3%, matching the rate of inflation, school officials had to make difficult budgeting decisions.

That is not necessarily a bad thing. Some could argue that the school budget isn’t increasing at the level they would like it to be. That in part is what got us, as a state, into the problem of property taxes.

His opponent, Dale Dulberger, disagrees saying that the restraints have harmed schools:

On a whole range of issues, I think his voting record doesn’t reflect the values of the people of Wauwatosa. He’s taken some extreme positions that I think are out of step with the people of Wauwatosa.

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