Property taxes decrease

According to Wisconsin’s Department of Revenue, for the first time in twelve years property taxes have decreased on average throughout the state due to Walker’s reforms, limiting collective bargaining rights and cutting state funding to public schools. Our reforms have reversed a decade of property tax increases from previous administrations. For the first time in […]

Repeals Equal Pay Enforcement Act

Walker signs a bill repealing the 2009 Equal Pay Enforcement Act which allowed workers to sue employers for wage discrimination in the cheaper and more accessible state courts rather than in federal court. Senator Grothman argues the act was hurting businesses who had to defend themselves from false accusations of discrimination: It’s an underreported problem, […]

Wins recall election

Walker wins the recall election against Tom Barrett by about 7%. Tonight we tell Wisconsin, we tell our country, and we tell people all across the globe that voters really do want leaders that stand up and make the tough decisions.

Policies save $1 billion

Walker reports that his policies of limiting public employees’ collective bargaining rights have saved state and local governments more than $1 billion. It’s not just about saving money and balancing the budget. It’s about new ways to provide services.

Scott Walker

Scott Walker is governor of Wisconsin, born in 1967 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. After college he entered politics as a Republican starting as an Assemblyman in the state legislature, then as Milwaukee County Executive. He is running for president in the 2016 elections. He is best known for standing up to unions, limiting collective bargaining […]

Stand With Governor Walker

Shulfer, a Walker supporter, releases a song to show support for Walker during the recall campaign. When we faced an uphill climb, with a future not too bright. There was one man for the time, who was promising to fight. He would stand up for us all, when he tamed the status quo. And now […]

Recall signatures certified

The Government Accountability Board certifies 900,939 signatures clearing the way for a recall election against Walker which will take place June 5. A Democratic Party spokesman: This was the greatest petition campaign in American history for a reason – Scott Walker’s radical overreach and abuse of power. Walker: It gives us a great opportunity to […]

Obama, Walker meet

Walker greets Obama on the Milwaukee airport tarmac and presents him with a Milwaukee Brewer’s baseball jersey that has Obama’s name and the number 1 written on the back. Obama is visiting the Master Lock Company to highlight the Midwest’s manufacturing sector. Obama: What’s happening in Detroit can happen in other industries. Walker: The bottom […]

Limbaugh interviews Walker

Limbaugh interviews Walker by telephone. They talk about the recall campaign, the unions and collective bargaining and how Walker’s reforms are working: changing a $3.6 billion deficit into a projected $300 million surplus without raising taxes or layoffs, the schools are the same or better, school taxes decreased, net gain in jobs, protecting core services, […]

More than 1 million recall signatures filed

Democrats file more than one million signatures for the recall effort against Walker. Vice-chairman of United Wisconsin: It is beyond legal challenge. The collection of more than one million signatures represents a crystal-clear indication of how strong the appetite is to stop the damage and turmoil that Scott Walker has brought to Wisconsin.

Mexico refuses extradition

Mexico’s attorney general refuses to extradite Guzman to the U.S. citing national sovereignty and also because he must serve his time in Mexican prison for all the crimes for which he is being prosecuted: I could accept extradition but at the time that I choose. El Chapo must stay here to complete his sentence and […]

Supports Walker recall

ThinkProgress asks Damon if he supports efforts to recall Walker because of his school budget cuts: among other things, yeah.

Signs concealed-carry bill

Walker signs a bill allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons after going through training, passing a background check and obtaining a permit. The bill also bans guns from certain locations and allows private businesses to ban guns on their premises. By signing concealed carry into law today we are making Wisconsin safer for all responsible, […]

Judge approves extradition

According to Mexico’s attorney general a judge has approved a request for Guzman to be extradited to the U.S. once he is recaptured.

Extradition suspended

Guzman’s attorneys submit an appeal against the extradition order. A Mexican tribunal temporarily suspends the extradition order awaiting a final ruling on August 26.

Recall effort begins

United Wisconsin files a petition to recall Walker and begins their campaign of collecting the 540,208 signatures necessary to trigger the election recall. Walker: We’re going to be judged, whether it’s in 2012 or 2014, on what we’re doing on jobs and reform. I don’t think it changes what I focus on day to day.

Offends atheist group

Walker puts out a press release referring to the evergreen tree in the capitol as the Christmas tree instead of the holiday tree: As the holiday season comes, I am excited to announce that the Christmas tree displayed in our State Capitol will have homemade ornaments created by Wisconsin’s youth. The president of the Freedom […]

Democrats seek recall

After losing four out of six recall elections against Republican senators, Democrats turn their eyes to recall Walker. Mike Tate, chairman of the state Democratic Party: We will not stop, we will not rest … until we recall Scott Walker. Walker says the public is tired of recalls: Whether it’s a gubernatorial recall, or any […]

Signs budget

Walker signs a two-year $66 billion budget that cuts almost $800 million from public schools, expands taxpayer support for private voucher schools, cuts taxes for businesses, and keeps property taxes the same, helping to eliminate a $3 billion deficit without raising taxes. It is estimated the state’s main account will have a $300 million surplus […]

Voids paid sick leave ordinance

Walker signs a bill voiding Milwaukee’s paid sick leave ordinance which was passed by a popular referendum. The ordinance required large businesses to provide nine days and small businesses five days of paid sick leave per year. The ordinance has been challenged in the courts and has never gone into effect. This law removes another […]

Stock falls

Keurig shares fall about 30% in pre-market trading after announcing that sales are down and the company plans to cut its workforce by 5%. The stock is down 43% year-to-date. CEO Kelly: While we are not pleased with our revenue growth, we delivered earnings at the high end of our previous guidance.

Refuses to defend gay law

Walker asks a judge to allow the state to stop defending a lawsuit brought by Wisconsin Family Action against a 2009 law that allows same-sex couples to form domestic partnerships so they may have some of the rights of married couples. Wisconsin Family action asserts that the 2009 law violates a 2006 amendment to the […]

Signs voter photo ID law

Walker signs a bill requiring voters to show a photo ID at the polls. To me, something as important as a vote is important whether it’s one case, one hundred cases or one hundred thousand cases. Making sure we have legislation that protects the integrity for an open, fair and honest election in every single […]

State debt House Committee testimony

Walker appears before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in a hearing titled “State and Municipal Debt: Tough Choices Ahead,” arguing that his decision to take away collective bargaining rights helps governments balance budgets: For us, we’re giving state and local governments the tools they need not just to balance the budget for the […]

Requests federal funds

Walker requests at least $150 million in federal funds to upgrade the Milwaukee-Chicago train lines after turning down $810 million in federal funds to build a high speed rail between Milwaukee and Madison citing a waste of taxpayer money. He sees the main difference being that the demand on the Milwaukee-Chicago line is established and […]

U.S. offers $5 million reward

The U.S. State Department offers a $5 million reward for information leading to the capture of Guzman. The tip line is being managed by the DEA’s San Diego field office. Rosenberg, acting head of the DEA, says Guzman is most likely in Mexico, hiding in his home state of Sinaloa, Mexico. But Rosenberg acknowledged that the elusive […]

Window debris found

A Malaysian team combing the beach on La Reunion finds a plane window and other debris. Malaysia’s Transport Minister cannot confirm it is from MH370: I can only ascertain that it’s plane debris.

Named leader

Top representatives of the Taliban choose Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour as their leader. A Taliban commander: The shura [meeting] held outside Quetta unanimously elected Mullah Mansour as the new emir of the Taliban.

Suitcase found

The crew cleaning the beach near Saint-Andre, La Reunion, reports to the police that they found a damaged suitcase two-and-a-half meters from the airplane debris. They do not know whether there is any connection between the two. We set aside all the garbage we had gathered on the beach during the day and today we […]

Court issues restraining order

The Los Angeles Superior Court issues a temporary restraining order prohibiting the Center for Medical Progress from releasing any video of three high-ranking StemExpress officials. Planned Parenthood provides StemExpress with fetal tissue. Center for Medical Progress leader: StemExpress was using meritless litigation to cover up an illegal baby parts trade. The Center for Medical Progress […]

Debris found

A crew cleaning the beach near Saint-Andre, La Reunion, an island in the western Indian Ocean, finds a flaperon, a wing part of an aircraft. Thinking it might be from MH370 they alert police. Investigators will try to determine whether the debris is from MH370. Australian Deputy Prime Minister Truss: In the event that the […]

Proposes no-tax-raise budget

Faced with a $3.6 billion deficit, Walker proposes his first State budget promising to fill in the gap without raising taxes. His budget reduces spending by $4.2 billion cutting more than $1.25 billion in aid to schools and local governments. He emphasizes that if the legislature passes his budget repair bill, then the aid will […]

Signs bill

Walker signs a bill to take away most of the union’s collective bargaining rights. The State Assembly stripped the budget repair bill of its spending language so they were not required to have a quorum of members present since the Democratic senators still refuse to return to the Senate. What we’re doing here, I think, […]

Issues layoff notices

Walker issues notices to state unions of the possibility of laying off 1,500 state employees beginning early April if the Senate Democrats do not return to constitute a quorum to vote on the budget repair bill. He continues to refuse to compromise on his bill: I can’t take any of that off the table. We […]

Heritage Foundation interview

In an interview with The Heritage Foundation, Walker discusses his reasons for reducing union employee benefits and abolishing their collective bargaining rights because governments are broke and can’t afford to continue subsidizing unions. When the private sector is paying . . . twice what we’re talking about for health care . . . it’s realistic […]

Wins election

Walker becomes Wisconsin’s 45th governor on promises to bring jobs to the state, cut spending, lower taxes, and stop a federally funded passenger train from Madison to Milwaukee. With Republicans taking over both houses of the State legislature, it should be easy for him to pass his agenda. You have given us a mandate for […]

Vetoes budget changes

Walker vetoes most of the budget changes made by the County Board restoring his original budget to cut $3 million for parks, $2.4 million for courts, $1.2 million for drug abuse programs, $200,000 for the County Athletic program, the 4% pay increase for county supervisors, and no tax increase. He does not veto an extra […]

Seeks reelection

Walker seeks another four-year term as Milwaukee County Executive so he can continue streamlining county services and cutting costs. He wants to reduce the county workforce further, expand public-private partnerships, contract out or privatize county services, and encourage faith based groups to work with delinquent youth to increase public safety. I look at a number […]

No compromise

Unions agree to concessions on their benefits if Walker agrees not to take away their collective bargaining rights. A union director: We are prepared to implement the financial concessions proposed to help bring our state’s budget into balance, but we will not be denied our God-given right to join a real union . . . […]

Tells Democrats to return

Democratic senators flee to Illinois so the Senate does not have a quorum to vote on Walker’s budget repair bill saying they need more time to debate and understand the bill. Senate minority leader Miller: This is a watershed moment unlike any that we have experienced in our political lifetimes. The people have shown that […]

Refuses to negotiate

Walker refuses to negotiate with unions over his plan to reduce their benefits which will cost the average employee 8% of his or her salary. I don’t have anything to negotiate. We are broke in this state. We have been broke for years. People have ignored that for years, and it’s about time somebody stood […]

Budget repair bill

Walker plans to reduce the $137 million state deficit by requiring state employees to contribute 5.8% to their pensions and 12.6% to their health care, and forbidding them to negotiate for anything but their wages. If the budget isn’t cut then 6,000 state employees will be laid off and more than 200,000 children will be […]

Wants to limit union rights

Walker looks at many different legal options to limit employee benefits cost and weaken unions in order to balance the budget. Options include decertifying unions, not allowing unions to negotiate with the state, modifying current laws, and limiting or abolishing union rights. He wants to require employees to contribute 5% to their pensions and 12% to […]

Refuses federal money

Walker refuses to ask for any federal money for county projects and programs even though Milwaukee County has large budget shortfalls including $300 million for park repairs, $43 million for transit and $300 million to rebuild its mental health complex. He feels that the county and country will be better off without federal money since […]

Joins Cardinals

The Cardinals hire Welter as a coaching intern for inside linebackers during the preseason and training camp. She has a PhD. in psychology and has played linebacker in women’s football leagues for 14 years. Coach Arians: Coaching is nothing more than teaching. One thing I have learned from players is, ‘How are you going to make […]

Cuts restored

Milwaukee County supervisors vote to fund several programs cut in Walker’s budget: drug treatment programs, the Interim Disability Assistance Program, a telephone help line, and the county Youth Sports Authority. Although Walker is not against the county sports program, there is not enough money to fund everything. He wants to prioritize mandated programs that provide […]

Criticizes liberals

Walker sends out a fund-raising letter to supporters criticizing Governor Doyle and his liberal allies: Jim Doyle and his liberal allies in Madison don’t think you’re paying enough in taxes. Even though Wisconsin is one of the highest taxed states in the nation, Doyle and liberals in Madison and Milwaukee want to raise taxes by […]

Opposes pay raise

The Milwaukee County Board approves a 4% raise for county supervisors and an increase in property taxes. The pay raise is the first in seven years. They criticize Walker’s budget because it depends on state aid which does not materialize and unrealistic budget cuts. This forces the board to save essential program but also take […]

Drops out of race

Walker announces that he is dropping out of the Republican primary for the gubernatorial race due to a lack of money raised for his campaign and because Mark Green, his Republican opponent, already has the support of many Republicans throughout the state. It became clear to me that our fundraising totals would only allow us […]

Stock down 7%

Apple stocks fall 7% after it releases its third quarter financial report showing that iPhone sales were lower than investors expected. Even though revenue is up 33% at $49.6 billion, iPhone sales are short 1.3 million units than expected in part due to low inventory. iPhone sales make up half of Apple’s revenue. CEO Cook: […]