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23 Oct, 2016

Protest denied referendum

venezuela protestCitizens hold protests after President Maduro and his council suppress their right to a referendum on his presidency. The wives of two jailed opposition leaders headed the marchers who were dressed in white and waved national flags.

There’s no obstacle that can defeat Venezuelan mothers, fighting for the future of their children.

27 Oct, 2015

Over 380,000 fans sign petition

A petition (link) to try and force MotoGP officials to drop Rossi’s penalty gets over 380,000 signatures. The petition, started by Nicholas Davis, of Virginia Water in the UK, says:

The integrity of MotoGP is falling into disgrace. You have just condoned dirty racing tactics by punishing Valentino Rossi for pursuing the championship whilst being harassed and sabotaged by Marc Marquez. Justifying your decision by stating that there is no rule to deal with the actions of Marc Marquez is as absurd as saying there is no rule to prevent riders shooting at other riders with guns.

17 Jan, 2012

More than 1 million recall signatures filed

Democrats file more than one million signatures for the recall effort against Walker. Vice-chairman of United Wisconsin:

It is beyond legal challenge. The collection of more than one million signatures represents a crystal-clear indication of how strong the appetite is to stop the damage and turmoil that Scott Walker has brought to Wisconsin.

15 Nov, 2011

Recall effort begins

United Wisconsin files a petition to recall Walker and begins their campaign of collecting the 540,208 signatures necessary to trigger the election recall. Walker:

We’re going to be judged, whether it’s in 2012 or 2014, on what we’re doing on jobs and reform. I don’t think it changes what I focus on day to day.