Scott WalkerAttends College

Runs for student government president


Scott Walker's campaign put out this campaign literature during his 1988 bid for president of the Associated Students of Marquette University. MANDATORY CREDIT: Department of Special Collections and University Archives, Marquette University LibrariesWalker runs for president of the student body against John Quigley. Walker runs on a 19-point resume. He urges cooperation with administrators and opposes sit-ins and protests. He promises safer streets and bringing in cool bands like INXS and REM. He also highlights his anti-abortion views. He hands out buttons that say “Beam Me Up, Scotty!” Slogans are sprayed on campus snowbanks with water and food coloring. The campaign also arranges a special deal at Lucci’s Pizza: Walker voters get extra cheese free. However, the election commission finds Walker guilty of campaigning a week early. His supporters are accused of stealing copies of the campus newspaper that endorses his opponent so students cannot read it. The day before the election Stephen Satran, Walker’s roommate and supporter, distributes a flier attacking Walker’s opponent. The next day the campus newspaper says Walker is unfit for president. Walker loses the election 1,245 to 927. Many think he loses because of that flier. Satran:

That was all because of something I did. Scott didn’t even know about it. The worst thing you can say about him in that time was that he shouldn’t have trusted some of his friends. He shouldn’t have trusted me.

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