Scott Walker

Vetoes budget changes

13 Nov, 2007

Walker vetoes most of the budget changes made by the County Board restoring his original budget to cut $3 million for parks, $2.4 million for courts, $1.2 million for drug abuse programs, $200,000 for the County Athletic program, the 4% pay increase for county supervisors, and no tax increase. He does not veto an extra $3 million the board added for public transit. He wants to keep taxes down for residents:

I am battling against the reality that Milwaukee County finds itself in a fight to keep businesses and families from leaving because our taxes are too high.

A county supervisor is confident the board will override most of his vetoes:

It’s clear he’s counting on the board to do the responsible thing once again and override his vetoes. By cutting some funding for safety net programs, Walker shows he doesn’t understand the values and fibers of this community.

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