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Sean Bean

Don’t Say a Word

28 Sep, 2001

In this crime-thriller directed by Gary Fleder, Bean plays Koster, a criminal who snatches the daughter of a doctor to force him to break through to a post traumatic stress disorder suffering young woman who knows a secret. Co-starring Brittany Murphy, Guy Torry, Jeniffer Esposito.

Yeah. I thought it was a different look, a different image, different character. Very different (from Lord of the Rings), interesting. I just found it very interesting when I first read it. It was a quite complex read at first because there are so many descriptions about agnates and clones and stuff like that but it comes up off the page very well into film I think. I just thought he was a very influential character. He’s right in the middle of this whole complex. It’s his complex, his world, his manufacturing plant for these products and he believes what he’s doing is for the good of humanity. He’s a scientist. He pushes the boundaries and he can do that because he’s allowed to go as far as he can. He’s also got a Godlike factor in him, playing God. He’s actually creating life.

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