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Sean Bean

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Sean Bean is an award winning British actor, born in 1959 in Yorkshire, England. He is notable for his roles as Boromir in the Lord Of The Rings film trilogy and as Lord Eddard Stark in the television series Game of Thrones. A classically trained actor, he acted in stage productions of Shakespeare before entering film and television with roles in the British television series Sharpe and Hollywood productions Goldeneye, Patriot Games and Troy.

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13 Aug, 2014

Legends: Season 1


In this TV series produced by Howard Gordon, Bean plays Odum an under cover agent working for The FBI’s Deep Cover Operations division who struggles with his real identity outside of his legends. Co-starring Ali Larter, Rob Mayes, Steve Harris. About being fan of this series genre type:

Yeah, yeah. It’s that kind of deception, that kind of bluffing, that is particularly interesting. And I get a chance to play multiple personas, multiple characters, and that’s a challenge. I always like to do something different, something unusual, stray off the path a bit. That’s what I (find) kind of exciting. So this isn’t your usual cop drama. It’s based in the FBI, and it has that kind of environment, but there’s a lot of psychological stuff going on there, especially with Martin Odum and the characters that he takes on as his legends (Lincoln Dittman and Dante Orbach).

9 Mar, 2014



In this spy thriller, directed by Hadi Hajaig, Bean plays Ewan, a Secret Service agent who is faced with a task of pursuing and eliminating a suicide bomber. Co-starring James Fox, Charlotte Rampling, Abhin Galeya and Tuppence Middleton.

Well, I got involved when my agent sent me a script that Hadi had brought and I thought it was very intelligent, and a very thoughtful kind of script, and it dealt with the issues facing us today, with terrorism that affects everybody’s lives – a constant threat, as it were, or so we’re told. And it is just something I have found really interesting, you know. I find it very interesting politically and socially.

26 Nov, 2013

International Emmy


sean_bean_emmyBean wins best actor at the International Emmy awards for his role as Tracie, the transvestite alter ego of English teacher Simon in the Tracie’s Story episode of British television drama Accused. In his acceptance speech:

I’m so, so happy. I’d just like to thank my dad. Thank you. I’m absolutely delighted

19 Jul, 2013

Banned from pub


seanSean Bean is barred from his local bar, The Washington in Belsize park due to out of control behavior and bickering with the locals.

He’d come in from time to time and the locals would crowd around him. He’d drink throughout the evening and was known to have run-ins with drinkers. Then one night he was going over the top. He was acting inappropriately—so he was barred.

26 Oct, 2012

Silent Hill: Revelation


Bean plays Mason, on the run with his daughter, Sharon, in this horror directed by Michael J. Bassett. On the eve of her 18th birthday Mason disappears. A revelation leads Sharon into into a demonic world. Co-starring Adalaide Clemens,Radha Mitchell, Kit Harrington and Carrie Anne-Moss.

You find him with his daughter, and they’ve had to change their names; he’s called Harry Mason now, and she’s called Heather, and they keep moving around trying to keep out of harm’s way. Just keep themselves to themselves by changing their names and the places where they live, and then, you know, she’s 18, she’s just celebrating her 18th birthday, and he’s pretty relaxed. He’s aware of what happened before, but he just wants to raise her as much as he can as a well-balanced teenager. So that’s how it begins, but things (chuckles) obviously deteriorate.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D - Trailer #2

14 Aug, 2012



Bean plays English teacher Simon and his flamboyant alter ego Tracie in the Tracie’s Story episode of the Jimmy McGovern television drama Accused. Tracie becomes involved with a married man in an affair that ends in a crime of passion, with the first episode of the second season of  the series attracting over six million viewers. On playing a transvestite:

I prepared by walking round in high heels in the kitchen at home and one night I went out in the full gear and arm-in-arm with my middle daughter. I wanted to find out what it felt like, whether I’d be able to pull it off and have the bottle to function in that situation

Tony turns up at Tracie's house

3 Aug, 2012

Soldiers of Fortune


In this action-comedy directed by Maksim Korostyshevsky, Bean plays Dimidov, one of a group of self-made millionaires who pay huge premiums to be inserted into military adventures in order to experience the thrills of war. However, things don’t go as planned and they get more than what they bargained for. Co-starring Dominic Monaghan, Ving Rhames, Christian Slater and James Cromwell.

Soldiers of Fortune Official Trailer #1 (2012) - Christian Slater, Sean Bean Movie HD

30 Mar, 2012

Mirror Mirror


In this comedy fantasy filem directed by Tarsem Singh, Bean plays Snow White’s father, the king. When her mother dies the king marries the most beautiful woman in the land. The King then leaves to fight a great evil that has invaded the land, but never returns. Snow White and the kings wife don’t get along. Co-starring Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Nathan Lane and Armie Hammer.

It should be good, I play Snow White’s dad so that should be interesting. I’m quite a nice guy, a nice king. I’m a good guy in this movie so I’m really happy. It can’t have been too much of a stretch for the 52 year-old’s acting abilities as he has three teenage daughters of his own.

Mirror Mirror Trailer 2

15 Mar, 2012

Death reel

Interview0 Comments

Bean reacts in an interview about the Youtube reel compiled from his propensity to die onscreen, a phenomenon that has occurred more than 20 times. While he regrets that some of his characters had their screentime cut short,

some of them are jobs that you don’t want to do any more.

On his favourite character death:

I like the Boromir death, yeah, that’s a good one. A good, slow, heroic death.

Sean Bean discusses his YouTube Death Reel and picks his favourite death!

14 Jun, 2011



Lord Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark, Bean’s character on the television series Game of Thrones, is executed in the ninth episode of the first season. Queen Cersei Lannister, played by Lena Headey, and Sansa Stark, portrayed by Sophie Turner, reach an understanding with Jack Gleeson’s King Joffrey Baratheon that Stark’s life will be spared and his daughters kept safe in exchange for a confession of treason, but the king reneges on the deal:

They have the weak hearts of women.

The episode draws in 2.664 million viewers, the third-highest viewership count for the series’ first season, and is well received by critics.

Game Of Thrones-Eddard Stark's Death

11 Mar, 2011

Black Death


In this medieval action-drama Bean plays Ulric a fearsome knight that is charged by the church to investigate rumors of the village where the plague that has attacked he city cannot reach and it’s leader who brings the dead back to life.  Directed by Christopher Smith. Co-starring Eddie Redmayne, John lynch, Kimberley Knixon and Carice Van Houten. About the intensity of filming his character:

Some scenes, yeah. There were occasions when we were all in the water, at the end where they had taken us prisoner, where it was quite intense, I mean, Ulric was a very intense character, very devout and very religious and had total belief in that and was unshakeable and I found it quite an interesting character.

Black Death Trailer - Black Death Movie Trailer

1 Mar, 2010



In this crime-thriller directed by Stephen Anderson, Bean plays Pyke, a vicious criminal who, when he finds out his money has been spend by a couple who found his suitcase, makes them work off the debt by robbing stores. Co-starring Chris Hemsworth, Victoria Profeta, Mike Starr and Glenn Plummer. Anderson:

Yeah he’s been around for awhile and I tell you, I think he’s about to break through. It’s like for a long time you didn’t know the name Anthony Hopkins, you knew the face and you’d see him in these movies and think “Man this guy’s good”. But then there was one movie that came along, I think it was Silence of the Lambs that made him a name along with the face and I think Sean Bean is right there. A lot of people know what he looks like and know who he is from the various movies he’s been in. He’s really a good actor, every role he plays is really brilliant. I think the day is going to come soon, maybe it’s this movie he’s releasing Lightning, maybe it’s our movie Cash. I would love to have that happen.

12 Feb, 2010

Percy Jackson And The Olympians: The Lightning Thief


In this fantasy movie directed by Chris Columbus, Bean plays Zeus, father to a teenage boy who discovers is a descendant of a Greek god, and who sets on a journey to settle an on-going battle between the gods. Co-starring Pierce Brosnan, Jake Abel, Logan Lerman and Brandon Jackson. Columbus:

For me it was just a matter of finding the gods themselves. I cast actors who had a larger than life god-like quality about them and who better to play a trainer of heroes, people like Hercules and Michael Jordan, than Pierce Brosnan? Originally I just wanted to work with Pierce again. We had a great time on Mrs. Doubtfire and it was really the case with all of these gods and goddesses. How do we find someone who you can believe as a god? Danny DeVito might have been a stretch, so we needed to find someone who really had that air about him.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief | Trailer | 20th Century FOX

5 Mar, 2009

Red Riding


In this three-part television adaptation of David Peace’s Red Riding Quartet, directed by Julian Jarrold, Bean plays Dawson, a local businessman, who is entangled in the investigation of a series of child abductions and murders in Yorkshire. Co-starring Andrew Garfield, Mark Addy, Jim Carter, Warren Clarke and Shaun Dooley.

Red Riding | Trailer | Channel 4

2 Nov, 2008

Sharpe’s Peril


In this TV historical action film, directed by Tom Clegg, based on the books by Bernard Cornwell, Bean plays Richard Sharpe, an English soldier during the Napoleonic Wars. Sharpe and Harper (Daragh O’Malley) are enroute to Madras when they encounter a train from the East India Company traveling through hostile territory. A legendary bandit leader strikes fear in the members of the party. Co-starring Michael Cochraine, Velibor Topic, and Raza Jaffrey.

My intention was that he was portrayed with meaning and thoughtfulness, and a sense of melancholy about the character. A man who wasn’t as rash, bold or ambitious as he was before, rather, that he is a man who has found himself in these dangerous situations. I hope that it will be received as such.

Sharpe's Peril 2008 Movie Trailer

14 Dec, 2007



In this movie directed by Nick Love, Bean plays Bryant, a former paratrooper back from duty in Iraq. He is appalled by what he sees in a country that he no longer recognizes where the guilty are left unhindered to go about their businesses.He assembles a group of like-minded souls who resolve to restore the balance between right and wrong. Co-starring Bob Hoskins, Rupert Friend, Danny Dyer and Lennie James.

I saw it about two weeks ago with Nick actually. I really enjoyed it. It’s pretty hard-hitting and I was pretty quiet when I came out. I didn’t really know what to say when I first came out. Nick had obviously seen it a few times so he was wondering why I was being so quiet!

13 Oct, 2007

Shape’s Challenge


Bean plays Sharpe in this TV drama directed by Tom Clegg. Two years after the Duke of Wellington crushes Napoleon at Waterloo, dispatches from India tell of a local Maharaja, Khande Rao, who is threatening British interests there. Wellington sends Sharpe to investigate on what turns out to be his most dangerous mission to date. Co-starring Toby Stephens, Lucy Brown, Daragh O’Malley.

As is known, Sharpe, now a Farmer in Normandie, is called back to England were he learns, that his friend Patrick Harper has vanished in India. That is the main reason, he leaves also (one hopes, that this plays after the harvest time, or – trust me – he wouldn’t have had time just to vanish just like this from his farming lands! Would be interesting to hear, what Lucille had to say about this).

Toby Stephens & Sean Bean. "Sharpe's Challenge" In 8 Minutes