Sean Bean

Legends: Season 1

13 Aug, 2014

In this TV series produced by Howard Gordon, Bean plays Odum an under cover agent working for The FBI’s Deep Cover Operations division who struggles with his real identity outside of his legends. Co-starring Ali Larter, Rob Mayes, Steve Harris. About being fan of this series genre type:

Yeah, yeah. It’s that kind of deception, that kind of bluffing, that is particularly interesting. And I get a chance to play multiple personas, multiple characters, and that’s a challenge. I always like to do something different, something unusual, stray off the path a bit. That’s what I (find) kind of exciting. So this isn’t your usual cop drama. It’s based in the FBI, and it has that kind of environment, but there’s a lot of psychological stuff going on there, especially with Martin Odum and the characters that he takes on as his legends (Lincoln Dittman and Dante Orbach).

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