Sean Bean

Silent Hill: Revelation

26 Oct, 2012

Bean plays Mason, on the run with his daughter, Sharon, in this horror directed by Michael J. Bassett. On the eve of her 18th birthday Mason disappears. A revelation leads Sharon into into a demonic world. Co-starring Adalaide Clemens,Radha Mitchell, Kit Harrington and Carrie Anne-Moss.

You find him with his daughter, and they’ve had to change their names; he’s called Harry Mason now, and she’s called Heather, and they keep moving around trying to keep out of harm’s way. Just keep themselves to themselves by changing their names and the places where they live, and then, you know, she’s 18, she’s just celebrating her 18th birthday, and he’s pretty relaxed. He’s aware of what happened before, but he just wants to raise her as much as he can as a well-balanced teenager. So that’s how it begins, but things (chuckles) obviously deteriorate.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D - Trailer #2

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