Sean Bean

Patriot Games

26 Jul, 1992

Bean plays Provisional IRA militant Sean Miller, who is captured after Harrison Ford’s Jack Ryan disrupts an attack against the British government. The character escapes custody and heads to the U.S. to seek revenge on Ryan for killing his younger brother. The film grosses $178.1 million worldwide. On the finale fight:

Filming that scene was difficult because it was very dark and slippery on the set. We shot it on a boat in a studio with all these loud thunder-and-lightning effects and rain coming down on us. It was a long fight and it took quite a few days to get it right. It was pretty rough because Harrison’s quite handy, he gets stuck in! It was rocky, but we pulled it off.

Bean has to get eight stitches where a boat hook hits him in the final fight scene. A scar from the incident remains visible under Bean’s left eyebrow.

Patriot Games (1/9) Movie CLIP - London Ambush (1992) HD

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