Erin AndrewsShape MagazineInterview

Shape Magazine interview

28 Aug, 2012

Andrews speaks to Shape Magazine about her workout routine.

I try to stay in shape just to handle things like the stress of a job or everyday life. Working with men for the past 15 years, you end up eating and drinking like a guy. So I have no choice to basically have it in my mind that I have to work out every day. That is the way I have programmed myself. And if I don’t work out one day, I’ll just say to myself, that’s just one day that’s OK, that’s the way it worked out. But I try to do something every single day.

I just moved to New York City in January and I’m loving the variety of workout classes! I really love classes because again, I’m a competitive person, so I like to be around people that push me, and I feel like classes really do that. I’ve been doing Barre, as well as Physique fifty seven, which I’m really enjoying. Because I’m so tall, I want to work on my legs and obviously every woman wants to work on their rear end and their core, so I feel like those classes are perfect for me. They really target those areas. Plus, I’ve danced my whole life so I’ve got that dance background. On the days I can’t go to classes, I try to take a run or hit the treadmill. I’m not much of a runner but I do need cardio.

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