Shia LaBeoufMagazine Cover

Interview magazine cover

20 Oct, 2014

shiaLaBeouf appears on the November cover of Interview magazine. LaBeouf discusses his relationship with his father and his recent behavior.

I’m not a very intelligent person, and you’ve got to be a f–king genius to learn from other people’s mistakes, because you’ve got to be a very smart man to learn from your own. You’re only as good as your last thing, and I’m only thinking about the next thing. I’ve been a runner my whole life, running from myself. Whether to movies or drinking and drugging or f–king calamity or whatever it is, I’ve always been running. I’m a dude who loves delusion. It’s why I love being an actor—I never have to actually look at myself or be faced with my s–t or take responsibility. So it’s been an eye-opening thing to have to look at myself, at my life, and have these reflective moments.

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