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1 Jan, 2015

Vogue cover

Magazine Cover

Vogue-January-2015Miller appears on the cover of the January 2015 issue of Vogue magazine. She talks about Instagram, motherhood, and tabloids.

I’d gone to the Tate with Jude [Law] and his son. We’d started seeing each other, but it wasn’t known. I remember leaving his house the next day, getting into a cab, and this cabdriver saying, ‘I take it you haven’t seen News of the World today.’ I was like, ‘Sorry?’ And he said, ‘You’re all over it.’ He threw this newspaper with me on the front of the paper. Having a snog. Quite an overwhelming feeling.

3 Aug, 2009

Sienna Miller interview

The Guardian interviews Miller about why she decided to audition for the part of in the GI Joe movie.

Because it’s so different, that’s why! And it was just fun something new, learning how to use guns, being on big sets. It’s really fun to be in a film that’s pure entertainment, that people want to go and see. I think, in the current climate, the state of things, people want escapism. So it’s quite a good moment for a film that’s about having fun.

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