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1 Jan, 1997

Spin cover

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Beck is featured on the cover of Spin magazine with an interview inside the issue. During the interview Beck is questioned on his tour, stage presence and plans for his next album.

I think I want to do some stuff with more instrumentation, expand that a little. I don’t know, it’s all about getting in there and getting a rhythm and letting it come. Definitely the hip-hop stuff just keeps growing. I though it was just “Loser” and “Beercan.” That stuff on the first album, those were just experiments. They weren’t premeditated at all. With this album, I really found myself in this place where I knew the song was a hip-hop song. For me it’s the most challenging thing, so of course it’s the most interesting. And the deeper I get into it, the more addictive it is. The form is really conducive to experimentation. There’s only so much you can do with a country song or a hard-rock song. So I guess I’ll just be looking for more possibilities.


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