Stephen FryBirth

Stephen Fry born in Hampstead, London

24 Aug, 1957

article-0-08A24BBB000005DC-555_468x366Stephen John Fry is born in Hampstead, London to Physicist Alan John Fry and Historian Marianne Eve Fry. He has an elder brother named Roger and a younger sister named Joanna. He attends Cawston Primary School in Cawston, Norfolk.

I came from what on the surface would have looked like a very typical English family in as much as I say a typical one that an American might regard as typical. It was a country house with gardeners and nice staff and it looked rather grand and I was sent away at the age of seven to a prep school, which in England is from seven to thirteen is prep school, sent away to boarding school two hundred miles from home and that sort of again was very traditional English.


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