Chrisann BrennanSteve JobsWrites Article

Daily Mail article

4 Oct, 2015

Brennan writes an article about her life with Jobs in The Daily Mail:

I’ve truly hated Steve at times, but never for very long. Sharing a daughter with him has forced me to think about things more deeply. Steve the saint, the alien, the despot, the punishing masculine god, the liar, the obsessed narcissist, the cult hero, the ID of the iEverything, the genius and the motherless boy. It is only because of Lisa that I have felt obligated to comprehend the many broken shards of Steve’s glittering brilliance. For all the sparkling, spacious beauty of the Apple Stores, Steve was a haunted house whose brokenness was managed and orchestrated by Apple’s PR team in an extremely masterful way. He told me once that he would lose his humanity in the business world. Though he came to lose sight of what was human and ethical all too often, the fact that he at one time knew the difference between who he was and the role he would play deepens my appreciation and love for him.

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