Steve MartinFilm Appearance

Cheaper By the Dozen

25 Dec, 2003

Martin plays Tom Baker, father of 12 and a football coach at a small college in Midland, Illinois, in this comedy directed by Shawn Levy.  Tom is offered the football coach position at his alma mater in Evanston, Illinois and the impending move throws the family into turmoil. At the same time, Tom’s wife Kathy, played by Bonnie Hunt, is about to embark on a tour for the book she wrote about their family, leaving Tom in charge of the household. Co-starring Piper Perabo, Hillary Duff, and Tom Welling.

I played fathers so many times, it’s like being one. I’ve had children of every age. And like I say, I get to do everything but the dirty work. Their parents have to take them home and deal with all that.

Cheaper By the Dozen Official Trailer (2003)

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