SweetgreenOpens Store

Expands to California

21 May, 2015

Sweetgreen expands to California opening its first store in West Hollywood close to the Farmers’ Market.

L.A. has always been where we wanted to go. So much of what we consider ‘the sweetlife’ was inspired by L.A. and the way people live there.

Because it purchases its food from local sources, the menu is slightly different from stores on the east coast. Two new dishes are a salad called “West Roast” and a rice bowl called “Hollywood Bowl.” Each store has a chalkboard that lists ingredients and where they come from.

We had to get a much bigger board for California. It’s the same Sweetgreen, but a slightly different experience — but that’s how it should be, because that’s what nature created. . . .You don’t have to compromise. You can have great food that is also healthy and also affordable in a cool environment.


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