Taylor SwiftAlbum Release


11 Nov, 2008

Taylor_Swift_-_FearlessSwift releases her second studio album Fearless. The 13 track album is co-written by Swift and collaborators Liz Rose, Hillar Lindsey, Colbie Caillat and John Rich. Singles Love Story, Fifteen and Fearless are all featured songs on the record.

On this album, I deal with a lot of fairy tale themes. Sometimes they turn out good, sometimes they turn out bad. Love Story was a really happy ending — you put everything you have into love and it works out. Then in the song White Horse, you put everything you have into love and you get your heart broken. It blew my mind that such a personal song was the one people were talking the most about, because I always felt like the more personal my songs were, the more I could just relate to them. But, really, more people have been able to relate to those songs — the ones that I wrote when I was really going through something terrible.

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