Ted CruzInterview

Criticises Rubio in Breitbart interview

14 Dec, 2015

In an interview with Breitbart, Cruz criticizes Marco Rubio over the “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill. Cruz:

Border security is national security. No candidate who has advocated amnesty, who has advocated leaving our border unsecured, who has advocated giving President [Barack] Obama the ability to bring in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees with no background checks can plausibly claim to be an effective leader on national security. An unsecured border and millions coming into this country illegally with the promise of amnesty—with no background checks whatsoever—is fundamentally inconsistent with keeping America safe. Each of us in public office makes a choice, makes a choice of where you stand…A great many of us, including me and including Sen. Rubio, had promised the men and women who elected us that if you sent us to the Senate we would fight tooth and nail against amnesty. In 2013, I made the decision to honor that promise. Sen. Rubio made a different decision. He chose to stand with Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer and the establishment Republicans and push the most massive amnesty program in the history of our country—push legislation that would not secure the border, push legislation that would grant citizenship to over 12 million people here illegally, push legislation that would give President Obama a blank check for admitting Middle Eastern refugees with no background checks. I made a very different decision…So on the question of amnesty, Sen. Rubio stands with the Washington elites—I stand with the working men and women of America.

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