Amnesty claims Russian airstrikes kill 200 civilians

A report by Amnesty says Russian airstrikes have killed at least 200 civilians. The group accuses Russia of using cluster bombs in civilian areas and says such attacks could constitute war crimes.Russia’s defence ministry dismisses the report as containing “fake information” and “trite cliches”.

Iraqis push through Ramadi

Iraqi forces are fighting Islamic State (ISIS) fighters as they try to reach the center of Ramadi. Six hundred to 1,000 Islamic State fighters were said to have been in Ramadi when the overall offensive began two weeks ago, but several hundred of them have been killed in fighting and airstrikes since then.  Iraqi forces face heavy fire […]

Joint venture self-driving car

Ford and Google have joined together for a non-exclusive joint venture to create self-driving cars with the technology created by Google. The venture will be legally separate from Ford, in part to shield the automaker from liability concerns.

Christmas kiss

Stefani and Shelton were seen kissing and being affection inside the Gonzalez restaurant in Shelton’s hometown. The couple later sends out a Christmas message. Merry Christmas ???gx — Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) December 22, 2015

Tests password-free logins

Google is testing a password-free login for users. To login to a Google account, users enter their email address. A notification is then sent to the user’s phone asking them to confirm the sign-in.


Pu is released early from Beijing’s number One Detention Centre after serving 19 months for “inciting ethnic hatred” and “picking quarrels” on social media post. He was originally going to be detained for three years. He is released under “residential surveillance”, and has 10 days to decide whether to appeal against his conviction and sentence.

Headlight recall

Ford recalls 313,000 Crown Victorias and Mercury Grand Marquis after the headlights fail. The headlight problem, caused by cracked solder joints in the lighting control module, has been known to cause 11 crashes. The recall includes vehicles from the 2003-2005 model years.

Admits Hemsworth kiss

Lawrence admits on Watch What Happens Live that she made out with Hemsworth. Liam and I grew up together. Liam’s real hot. What would you have done? Yeah…

Clinton’s comments ‘terrifying’

In response to Clinton’s debate comments about tech and national security: I would hope that, given the extraordinary capacities that the tech community has and the legitimate needs and questions from law enforcement, that there could be a Manhattan-like project — something that would bring the government and the tech communities together to see they’re […]

Six airmen killed

Six airmen are killed in Afghanistan, including four OSI agents and two security forces, when they are targeted by Taliban forces as they moved through a village near Bagram Airfield. One of the women killed was the first openly lesbian woman in the armed forces. Army spokesperson: Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the families and friends of […]

Join to save whales

Cyrus and Anderson join together at Cyrus’s last show on her Milky Milky Milk Tour, holding signs saying “Save The Whales!”

Becomes A&F president

Horowitz is promoted to president of Abercrombie & Fitch. Executive Chairman Martinez: Fran’s merchandising skills and her exceptional leadership, which has inspired associates to focus all their efforts on an intense understanding and commitment to our customers, has ignited a turnaround at our Hollister brand. This promotion provides Fran the opportunity to play an even greater role […]

Proposes $2 billion Alzheimer’s cure program

Clinton proposes the government spend an extra $2 billion a year to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease before 2025. A briefing on her website says she came up with a proposal to find a cure after consulting with “leading physician-scientists to understand what it would take to rapidly accelerate the progress we are making.” Top researchers […]

Killer whale dies

An 18-year-old killer whale, called Unna, dies in San Antonio Sea World, of a resistant strain of the Candida fungus. Umma is the third whale to die at the location in the past six months. While there were some indications that the treatment was having a positive effect, Unna had remained in serious condition and under 24/7 care/

3,200 prisoners released prematurely

Governor Inslee announces that over the past 13 years, an estimated 3,200 convicted felons were released early from Washington state prisons because of errors in calculating good time credit. The median number of days that inmates were mistakenly released early is 49 days. The governor has hired two retired federal prosecutors to conduct an independent review of how the […]

Drives car on sidewalk, kills one, injures 37

Holloway kills one person and injures 37 others when she drove through a sidewalk in Las Vegas Strip. Three victims are in critical condition and two other victims in serious but stable condition. Police: She would not explain why she drove onto the sidewalk but remembered a body bouncing off of her windshield, breaking it.  

Not interested in dating Bieber

In an interview on Watch What Happens Live, Lawrence is asked by a caller if she would sleep with Bieber. Justin Bieber recently told a radio station that you’re so sexy and so cute. So my . . . question for you is, ‘Would you ever tap that?’” Lawrence: Uh, I’m gonna say a hard no . . . […]


After just over a year, Angelides is fired from Abercrombie & Fitch.

GOP debate: Responds to boos

After Rand Paul says Trump’s plan to shut down the internet, would be “getting rid of the First Amendment” Trumps says that if ISIS kills Americans, Americans should be able to kill ISIS and infiltrate their networks. ISIS is recruiting through the internet. ISIS is using the internet better than we are using the Internet and it […]

Removes Hoverboards from site

Amazon removes 97% of hoverboards from their website over safety related reasoning. Amazon sent a letter to manufacturers saying they should: Provide documentation demonstrating that all hoverboards you list are compliant with applicable safety standards.

Deploys National Guard against immigrants

Abbott deploys the National Guard to protect the border from a growing number of illegal immigrants. [M]y request for more border patrol agents and strategic resources to secure the border were ignored. Now, the concern I warned about has turned into reality: A substantial spike in illegal crossings has occurred at a particularly unsuspecting time, once again […]


Thomas transfers from Texas A&M. I love the staff and the school, but I just feel as though it’s best for me to get a fresh start somewhere else…I’m just hoping to find somewhere that I can get an opportunity to show what I can do. I have no bad feelings about anything. I appreciate everything Coach […]

Polls: Cruz leads Trump in Iowa

According to the Bloomberg Politics-Des Moines Register poll of likely GOP caucus voters, Cruz is leading in Iowa with 31% percent while Trump has 21%. A Fox News poll has Cruz leading Trump 28% to 26%.

Tells Orange County to keep nativity

Abbott encourages Orange County to keep nativity scene in front of city hall after it is removed after an an atheist organization requested the city hang a banner wishing people “happy holidays” next to the scene. As the U.S. Supreme Court has continually held, public acknowledgement of our religious heritage is entirely consistent with the Constitution. […]

Criticises Rubio in Breitbart interview

In an interview with Breitbart, Cruz criticizes Marco Rubio over the “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill. Cruz: Border security is national security. No candidate who has advocated amnesty, who has advocated leaving our border unsecured, who has advocated giving President [Barack] Obama the ability to bring in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees with no background checks […]

May raid gave US ISIS intelligence

A U.S. military raid in May allowed the U.S. to gain intelligence that helped them attack ISIS oil targets. With that raid we got this enormous amount of information that was very detailed as to how they operated their energy sector and allowed us to learn more about the operation and how to attack it or […]

Announces retirement

Coach Ryan announces his retirement. This was a decision months in the making. I brought this up to Barry back in April. He advised me to take some time to think it over and I appreciated that. But in recent weeks, I have come to the conclusion that now is the right time for me to […]

Amazon UK recalls boards

Amazon UK sends letters to customers recalling Segways after at least ten incidents of hoverboard-related fires and explosions across nine states due to faulty battery plugs. Owners are urged to take the scooters to certified disposal locations, and will receive a full refund for the purchase.  

SIC questions Cruz use of data

Burr asks his staff to look into whether or not Senator Cruz released confidential information. Cruz made a claim during an exchange with Marco Rubio about the USA Freedom Act, which Cruz supported and Rubio opposed. Cruz said that “nearly 100 percent” of phone numbers can be checked for terror ties under the new program, compared to “20 percent […]

CNN debate

At the CNN Republican debate in Las Vegas, NV, Carson asks for a moment of silence for the victims of the San Bernardino shootings. Later, he responds to a question from Hewitt: We’re talking about ruthless things tonight. Carpet bombing, toughness, war, and people wonder, could you do that? Could you order airstrikes that would kill innocent children, […]

Trump’s plan ‘full of hatred’

Malala speaks in Birmingham, UK, about Trump’s plan to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. Well, that’s really tragic that you hear these comments which are full of hatred, full of this ideology of being discriminative towards others. She later criticises the media: I have to say that whether it’s Western media or Eastern media, if they […]

Debate: Cruz vs. Rubio

At the GOP debate, Cruz and Rubio spar over immigration, with Rubio saying his view on immigration was the same as Cruz’s. Cruz responds: I led the fight against his legalization and amnesty like suggesting the fireman and the arsonist have the same record because they were both at the scene of the fire…I have never supported […]

Announces Israel $6M research center

Texas A&M is launching a $6M marine research center in Israel to study along the Mediterranean Sea. Spokesperson: There really is a remarkable amount of research and innovation occurring in Israel. There’s just so much going on there and we wanted to be a part of that.  

Looking at Houston

Allen visits Cougars Head Coach Herman at an undisclosed location. Allen also follows the Cougars official Twitter account.


Allen is released from Texas A&M University. Thank you College Station and thank you Texas A&M University ?? — Kyle Allen (@KyleAllen_10) December 11, 2015

Uber driver shoots gunman

A unnamed Uber driver, who had a concealed-carry gun license, fires six shots, wounding 22-year-old Everardo Custodio, who had pulled a handgun out and started firing at the crowd of people walking in Chicago at midnight. It is still unknown whether Custodio he was trying to target any one person.  Responding officers found Custodio lying on the ground, […]

Will appear in debate

After a poll by Fox News shows him with 5% nationally, Paul will appear at the GOP debate in Las Vegas Nevada.