Terry McMillanBook

Waiting To Exhale

May 1992

tmWaiting To Exhale follows the friendship between four African American women who lean on each other. Each one is hoping that the man of their dreams will come along soon. This story is about the lives of Savannah Jackson, Bernadine Harris, Robin Stokes, and Gloria Matthews who reside in Phoenix, Arizona. The women support each other through personal and professional challenges and successes. They are savvy enough to manage every element of their lives, but stereotypes and bad habits seem to ditch their efforts.

I’ve had 1,500 people show up for a reading for Waiting to Exhale. Twelve hundred in Chicago, a thousand people waiting in line in Washington. I think I’ve signed more than 10,000 books, and the people who come are 90 percent black. In some cities 98 percent.

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