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Bitter Sweet Symphonies interview

27 Aug, 2013

The band is interviewed by Bitter Sweet Symphonies, before their headline set at The Royal Oak pub in Chorlton. They talk about recording their upcoming album:

The way we are going is more current. We’re really proud of what we’re doing so far. We’ve got five tracks done so far, because we work in the day, we kind of work around that, we get it done when we can. Hopefully, we’ll have an album’s worth by 2020 [laughs]. I don’t know, but it’s gone pretty well so far and the producer we’re working with is really good. But it is different, but not different totally. Different good.

We’re really proud of [Forever In Your Debt] though, so if the rest of the album can come up to that standard. I think there’s one or two at the moment that we probably think are there, then we’ll be more than happy. But to me anyway, I can’t speak for everybody, but I think that is kind of a blueprint, like the bar, that we want to meet. It might be that people prefer the other stuff that we’re doing more than that one but we’re proud of Forever In Your Debt and that’s why it’s going to be the first single…I remember the first couple of times we did Forever In Your Debt live and my heart was just up in my chest, you know what I mean. Especially, when you’re first introducing it to people, and the reaction for that one has been pretty good live.

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