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Attitude feature

4 Jan, 2015

Evans is featured in Attitude magazine. He talks about being the next Jamie Dornan and being in a boy band.

Just after school I was going to sign with a professional rugby team, and it was all ready to go. A mate of mine was a great singer who was putting together a boy band who already had a record deal with an independent label. One of the guys dropped out and I took his place. I thought if I was ever going to give it a go it was then. And I had a great time; one of the best years of my life. I had three great mates who I am still friends with now. One’s a doctor now and two of them are still in the music industry. It was such a great experience. We even got to tour with Westlife! Having four guys in an arena full of girls; they’re gonna scream and scream away. It was quiet terrifying in a way. I went to an all boys school so when I was confronted by these screaming girls, throwing things at you, I was taken aback. It was quite daunting. I was unaware as to what to expect but over time I got used to it.

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