Toby Keith

I Like Girls That Drink Beer

30 Jul, 2012

Keith releases his single, I Like Girls That Drink Beer, from his album, Hope On The Rocks. Keith:

Ninety-nine percent of the women at the country club where I play golf, if they order an adult beverage will order something frozen or with an umbrella in it. I play with one of my best friends and his wife, and we’ll be in there watching someone order vodka with a splash of orange juice and 7up with a twist of this or that. And my friend’s wife will just, go, ‘Two Coronas.’ So we got to calling her ‘Beer Drinking Shari.’ Her face got red and I went, ‘No, no. I like girls that drink beer.’ And then I thought, well that sounds like a song title.

Toby Keith - I Like Girls That Drink Beer

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