Toby KeithSingle Release

I’m Just Talkin’ About Tonight

31 May, 2001

Keith releases his single, I’m Just Talkin’ About Tonight, from his album, Pull My Chain.

I used to make my living in clubs, so I had ample opportunity to watch a lot of ‘tomcats’ hit on the ladies. The woman in this song says, ‘Well, I don’t like bars and I don’t usually do this.’ It’s not saying go and get into bed; it’s saying skip the B.S. and all the other chapters and the heck with why we’re here; let’s have an understanding – this is about right this minute. We’re lonely; let’s talk. It may not be politically correct, but it’s honest, so in that regard, it’s very representative of who I am.

Toby Keith - I'm Just Talkin' About Tonight

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