Toby KeithSingle Release


28 Jun, 2010

Keith releases his single, Trailerhood, from his album, Bullets In The Gun.

I was riding my motorcycle and had a couple of dudes with me. We were in an old neighborhood out in the country where I used to live. And there’s a trailer park out there. Somebody said, ‘Hey, let’s go eat.’ We’re starting to turn around and I realize they’ve put railroad tracks in and blocked the street I wanted to take. So I was going to say, ‘Let’s go in the trailer park’ or, ‘Let’s go in this neighborhood and turn around.’ But instead I said, ‘Let’s go in this trailerhood.’ And one of the guys said, ‘The old trailerhood, huh?’
I lived in one for a couple of years when I was 19 after I moved off my parents’ farm. It was a real nice, gated trailer park with a pool. I had a lot of fun. There were always guys drinking beer, always a poker game and kids playing ball in the streets. Everybody in my area is a Dallas Cowboys fan, so they’re always getting together to watch the games. Then you just go white trash on it with the tattoos, farmer tans, NASCAR and rodeo. Everyone knows trailer parks take a beating from tornadoes, so when you talk to people in L.A. they want to know how someone could live in one. What they don’t understand is that tornadoes are exciting. Unless it’s bulls-eyed right for you, everybody is outside watching them go by. So I brought all these thoughts together and wrote it by myself over Christmas break. I told the guys when we cut it that I wanted to be real original and organic with it; the bass drum going and the bass right there in a simple, marching band kind of feel.

Toby Keith - Trailerhood

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