Tom Cruise


29 Jul, 1988

Cruise plays Brian Flanagan in the romantic drama Cocktail, based on the book of the same name by Heywood Gould. Flanagan leaves the Army to move to New York. When he realizes he has no experience for his dream job, he pursues a business degree. For work, he picks up bartending. His boss Douglas Coughlin (Bryan Brown) teaches him the secrets of the bar trade such as performing bartending tricks, like spinning, twirling and juggling bottle, and they become the most famous bartenders in town, which leads him to travel to Jamaica and fall in love. Co-starring Elizabeth Shue. Bar Olympics champion John Bandy:

Tom was a regular guy and we got along really well. He’s ambidextrous, which made him a quick learner. I remember Tom and Bryan had a bet to see who would break more things as we practiced. But it was hard to score because one of them would drop something and it would bounce down the bar and smash a lot of stuff.

Cocktail - Trailer

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