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Troy CarterInterview

Business Insider interview

10 Oct, 2015

In an interview with Business Insider, Carter explained that his investing style is largely based around “feel.”

I’m a simple guy. I know a lot of investors use a lot of analytics in their diligence process, and for me it’s about feel. It’s how do I feel about the idea, how do I feel about the entrepreneur. It’s the same thing that gave me an advantage to being an artist manager. Because it’s all feel. You’re not operating with a lot of data, so you get to feel out people…I want to know your background; I want to know your dynamic; I want to know how long you guys have known each other. If you’re partners on the show, I want to know how long you guys have known each other. I want to know how you guys make decisions together — that tells me a lot about how the business is going to be run.

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