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25 May, 2013

Tyler Perry interview


Winfrey interviews Tyler Perry and questions him on Whitney Houston, and his career.

I felt a huge responsibility for her for Whitney herself. I felt a tremendous responsibility from the first day we sat down in that restaurant and had a conversation where she was so open with me. I stood with them the Houston family. Whatever they needed, they would call and say this and this is going on or that’s going on. Or I would talk to her sometimes and she would just be, you know out of it, but trying to be together.

Tyler Perry Responds to His Critics: "I Get It" | Oprah's Next Chapter | Oprah Winfrey Network

19 Oct, 2012

Tyler Perry interview


Seacrest interviews Perry during On Air With Ryan Seacrest asks him if giving up control of Alex Cross.

I started writing, because after the first couple of days I realized this is going to be very difficult for me to just sit here. What was easy for me, is to let go. Because Rob (Cohen) had a clear direction and anytime somebody knows where they’re going, I don’t mind following at all.

1 Dec, 2010

O Magazine Interview


Perry discusses the first time he portrayed the role of Madea on stage:

There was a sold-out house at the Regal Theater in Chicago, and five minutes before the show, I put on the costume and stood at the mirror for the first time. I’m saying, Damn, are you really going to do this? Then the show started and I had no choice—they pushed me out onstage. Madea had a cane and she didn’t talk very loud and her voice was much deeper and she sat in one spot the whole time. But after a while, I finally had to move. And when I moved there was laughter.

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