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20 Jul, 2015

U.S., Cuba renew diplomatic ties

The United States and Cuba restore diplomatic relations after half a century. The Cuban embassy opens in Washington, and a Cuban flag is added to the lobby of the State Department. Presidents Castro and Obama mark the relationship with a letter exchange. Secretary of State Kerry will visit Cuba later in the summer to formally raise the flag there:

Nothing is more futile than trying to live in the past. We’re taking a historic and long overdue step in the right direction.

Outside of the Cuban embassy, crowds of people cheered as the Cuban national anthem plays while three Cuban soldiers stood at attention while the flag was raised. One protester is removed by police.

US And Cuba Reopen Embassies, Restoring Diplomatic Ties - Newsy

30 Jun, 2015

Announces embassy openings

Makes Statement

The United States and Cuba plan to officially seal the renewal of diplomatic ties, includes the reopening of embassies in Washington and Havana for the first time in more than half-a-century. Two senior administration officials say they expect the public announcement July 1.

We will formally announce tomorrow that the United States and Cuba have reached an agreement to re-establish formal diplomatic relations and open embassies in each other’s capitals. We expect President Obama and Secretary Kerry to address this publicly tomorrow morning.

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