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29 Nov, 2016

Threatens to ‘Terminate’ Cuba Deal

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Trump tweets that he may terminate President Obama’s deal with Cuba.

17 Sep, 2015

Appointed U.S. ambassador

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Cuba appoints Cabanas as U.S. ambassador, the first person to take the position since 1961. He is received by President Obama with 15 other new diplomats from other countries. The U.S. has yet to make an announcement about who will serve as its new ambassador in Havana.

We never had the flagpole in the place where it is now, because it was on the top of the house. And it’s the first time ever, we had the flag pole outside, and the meaning is different….We’re finally recognizing each other as states, as sovereign countries. And for anyone, any citizen in the world, the use of his own flag is very important and meaningful.


20 Jul, 2015

U.S., Cuba renew diplomatic ties


The United States and Cuba restore diplomatic relations after half a century. The Cuban embassy opens in Washington, and a Cuban flag is added to the lobby of the State Department. Presidents Castro and Obama mark the relationship with a letter exchange. Secretary of State Kerry will visit Cuba later in the summer to formally raise the flag there:

Nothing is more futile than trying to live in the past. We’re taking a historic and long overdue step in the right direction.

Outside of the Cuban embassy, crowds of people cheered as the Cuban national anthem plays while three Cuban soldiers stood at attention while the flag was raised. One protester is removed by police.

US And Cuba Reopen Embassies, Restoring Diplomatic Ties - Newsy

23 Apr, 2015

NBA visits Cuba



The NBA holds a four day basketball camp for Cuba’s men and women National basketball team and a youth camp in Havana. the first professional sports team to visit Havana since the declaration of detente of the Cold War enemies. The training camp’s aim is top-level Cuban players as well as children and teenagers. It features Utah Jazz coach Snyder and Orlando Magic coach James Borrego, among others. Cuban Basketball Federation Chairman:

It’s magnificent that the NBA and FIBA are working on training youth and the development of this sport in our country in a way that will benefit the future of this sport at a national and international level

14 Apr, 2015

Wants Cuba terror list removal

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Obama recommends that US government reverse its long-standing policy designating Cuba a state sponsor of international terrorism. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest:

As the President has said, we will continue to have differences with the Cuban government, but our concerns over a wide range of Cuba’s policies and actions fall outside the criteria that is relevant to whether to rescind Cuba’s designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism…That determination is based on the statutory standard – and the facts – and those facts have led the President to declare his intention to rescind Cuba’s State Sponsor of Terrorism designation.