London taxis announce 10,000 car protest

9 May, 2014

London taxi drivers will meet at a yet-to-be-named London landmark in early June to protest what they see as unfair competition from Uber. Steve McNamara, whose Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association’ represents almost half of London’s 24,000 drivers said:

ll we’re saying is if you want to come to London and operate the business model you’re operating, you should operate within our laws.This is about a good old British sense of fair play. It’s not cricket. For me to persuade 10,000 guys to take a day off work shows you the strength of feeling.

Uber says it holds the license for private hire cars in London and adheres to all of Transport for London’s regulations. TfL said that while it’s investigating Uber’s operating model, it has no evidence to suggest that Uber isn’t fit to hold a license.

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