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Whereabouts of Fijians unknown

30 Aug, 2014

A senior Fiji military official confirms that the whereabouts of 44 kidnapped Fijian UN Disengagement Observation Force peacekeepers remains unknown, although the UN has received assurances they are in good health. Brigadier Mosese Tikoitoga to reporters in Suva after speaking to the UN team negotiating for their release:

Their whereabouts at this stage, unfortunately, I cannot confirm. They confirmed that our men are safe and they are all well. (But) they have been moved to a location out of the bombardment range of any security forces or the Syrian security forces. It is out of the UN territory. But again it’s the word of the group. We’ve got no verification whatsoever, no communication but we’re only relaying the message that was delivered to us by the negotiators.

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