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23 Jun, 2014

‘Migrant children can stay in US’

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Biden’s visit to Guatemala to address the number of illegal immigrants entering the US from that country turned into a mixed message.  After meeting with Central American leaders Biden says:

 We do intend, and everyone agreed, it is necessary to put them back in the hands of a parent in the country from which they came.

Then, later  on in his statement he indicated that some children will be able to stay in the US:

We’re sending immigration judges, attorneys to represent these young people and families with young people, and asylum officers. They have a right under our law to make the case — make the case that we’re here because we’re avoiding persecution. We’re avoiding something will physically affect our safety.

22 Jun, 2014

Admin to deport faster

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Along with opening an additional detention center for illegal immigrants, the Obama Administration announces it will also work to process them more quickly.  According to The Wall Street Journal, the facility located in New Mexico, one of several facilities in the US,  will house the families while they wait deportation. Alejandro Mayorkas, deputy secretary at the Department of Homeland Security:

We will house them in facilities that are humane and compliant with legal requirements